Street Art

A 130 square meter representation of D. Quixote and his sidekick Sancho Pança

Street art in Porto

When I came to Porto, back in 1996, the city was gray, due to his granite constructions and,I should confess, a little bit depressing; people from Lisbon described it like that, a gloomy, foggy city with no light whatsoever. That has changed and, besides all the improvements I’ve seen in twenty years, street art is […]

Street Art exhibit – AXA Bui ...

Porto born street artists are gathered at a huge art gallery right at the center of the City. In Avenida dos Aliados you can check them out together with some international authors. Street Art AXA Porto from April 30th to June 1st. FREE ACESS! Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-19:00; Friday, Saturday 11:00-01:00; Sunday 11:00-19:00; Monday: Closed. […]