NOS Primavera Sound Porto – survival toolkit

So you’re coming to Porto to a music festival. NOS Primavera Sound will be featuring Pixies, The National and some other cool bands in an amazing setting, from the 5th to the 7th of June. You may need some help −we’ll give you a few tips!

You arrive to your hotel brought by one of many low cost companies flying to Porto, Ryanair and Easyjet amongst the biggest, and after freshen up you may decide to explore the city.

You could opt for a tour with me, but I must tell you I’m not that cool, at least Primavera style wise.

So you’re out and about when you realize that you have left behind your retro sunglasses. Well, as a matter of fact, I happen to know two or three places where you can find a wide selection of them.

In CCB (Centro Comercial Bombarda), a very cool arts and crafts, vintage, memorabilia, urban gardens, alternative bookstore space, you can find either second-hand vintage shades or brand new old style ones. Feel free to explore this alternative shopping mall, you won’t regret it.

You’re now at the centre of the art gallery district, where you can find all kinds of art galleries (yeah, that was an easy one), alternative shops, and some cool graffitis here and there.

Already equipped with your sunglasses you start considering how to go to Parque da Cidade, where Primavera is held. You know already that it’s the biggest urban park in Portugal and one of the Europe’s biggests. It has a direct connection with the beach, and it has good public trasnportation serving it, but you decide you need a bycicle to come and go as you will.

Nas calmas

Luckily, close to the CCB you will find Artes em Partes, a community store where amongst other things you can find vintage bikes. You can either rent one, €10 a day (you will need to provide an ID card) or, if you prefer, buy one for around €150. Sérgio is the guy to talk to and Nas Calmas is his project.

Cycling on your new bike, the spring sun is hitting your head, and you feel that you need a hat. Head straight to Rua do Loureiro, close to Estação de S. Bento, and visit one of the oldest and traditional hat tailor in the City, Chapelaria Ideal. Founded in 1890, it’s been run for the same family for 43 years now. The hats are manufactured either in Portugal or Italy, have an outstanding quality and you can get one from €12, choosing from different hat shapes, colours and patterns.

Chapelaria Ideal

Now that you look too cool for school, you stop at the bakery Pastelaria Serrana, a few doors down the street, for a Bola de Berlim cake and catch up your breath.

To be continued. Stay tuned!