Porto’s Tascas home of Petiscos – The Portuguese Tapas

Sharing food is the best ice breaker in the world, and if you enter a Tasca in Porto, you’ll find out that one’s language is not a barrier to communicate. These establishments are the perfect place to understand traditional fast-food gastronomy and Porto’s local culture.

The chances of having tasteless food in a Tasca are close to zero. The ingredients are always fresh and cooked to order − seasoning, recipes and cooking secrets are the result of decades of experience and feedback from regular customers.

A cozinheira do Alfredo PortistaAlfredo Portista – Beautiful cook cooks great food

Tascas clients are very heterogeneous: the regulars, who go there for a snack or lunch, to meet their friends, or chit chat about soccer; the so-called gourmands, seeking the perfect snack, and nowadays the more adventurous tourists, who I like to call travellers because they are seeking authenticity.

Os santos abençoam a Tasca.Saints bless the food

How To Spot A Tasca :
1. A small space with many things hanging on the wall ;
2. A man behind the counter and a lady in the kitchen (responsible for the delicacies ) ;
3. A stainless steel counter (easy to clean) , and a glass storefront where you can catch a glimpse of food available ;
4 . Men leaning over the counter.

Adega FlorestaAdega Floresta: FC Porto, food and wine

What to eat :
Iscas de Bacalhau;
Combinado de Porco;
Punheta de Bacalhau;

One of the highlights of a Tasca is that food is cheap, between € 0.75 and € 2.5, and most of them go well with wine, either on a small glass or a ceramic bowl.