hard boiled Egg caged inside the dough

Folar, a Sephardic heritage?

Folar is a Portuguese sweet egg bread that you can find in Porto’s bakeries during Easter, but do you know it has Jewish roots? Folar has two different meanings in Portuguese. First, it refers to a kind of bread that can be sweet or savory, depending on the area of the country. The second meaning is […]

Sandwiches you shouldn’t mis ...

Sandwiches in Porto are usually served in a white bread called molete and, if you want one just look for a sande. While in town look for the three different but delicious sandwiches that we had to eat! Sandwiches are always a good option to grab and go or, Porto style, having it at the […]

Portuguese cheese in a delicatessen shop near Bolhão Market

Why Porto is the next food Mecca – ...

In 1415 Porto gave all the City’s meat to “sponsor” the Portuguese Discoveries – a bad excuse to get the spices and all the fabulous ingredients from Africa, India and Brasil – and with cows stomachs and beans created a fabulous stew called Tripas à Moda do Porto. Porto is clearly inventive when it comes […]

Bifana and where to eat it

Bifana, one of Porto’s most famous munchies, consists in thinly sliced pork, quickly stewed in a spicy tomato sauce and surrounded by a delicious and crackling white bread. In Porto, if you’re passing by and you happen to see a big frying pan with a reddish boiling sauce on a bar’s window, just go inside and […]