Bifana and where to eat it

Bifana, one of Porto’s most famous munchies, consists in thinly sliced pork, quickly stewed in a

spicy tomato sauce and surrounded by a delicious and crackling white bread.

In Porto, if you’re passing by and you happen to see a big frying pan with a reddish boiling sauce on a bar’s window, just go inside and try the Bifana.

Inside the pan there’s pork seasoned the day before with a well kept secret, and stewed in a sauce that has some alchoolic beverages, tomato and some more secrets… Each bar has it’s own.

The meat is tender and soft and really tasty, and for those that worry about spicy food, it’s not very strong.

The average price is around 2€ and you can find it in Tascas and in popular festivities like Porto’s Saint John.

molho conga bifanas
The big pan with Bifana’s boiling sauce.

One of the most famous places to eat Bifana is Conga, very close to Rivoli theather, Bolhão market and the town hall.

If you want to try something different go for quail, stewed on the same sauce. The waiters call them chicken, or little birds.

Close to S. Bento station you’ll find some places to have a nice Bifana; Adega Quim and Viseu no Porto are two places where you can grab one, but always with the golden rule, have it the northern beer – Super Bock!

bifana conga
Bifana’s and Fries. And Super Bock!

Conga- Casa das Bifanas

Rua do Bonjardim 314

Adega do Quim

Rua da Madeira 226

Viseu no Porto

Rua da Madeira 212