NOS Primavera Sound Porto – Survival toolkit III

After going shopping on our first post and having a crazy makeover on the second, we have some more tips for you to enjoy a perfect NOS Primavera Sound experience in Porto.

So, after all the experiences you went through on the wonderful city of Porto, there’s only one thing left that you need. I’m sure you probably have a cool smarthphone or even and iPhone, and that you use Instagram a lot. #NOSPrimaveraSound is the official hashtag and Parque da Cidade has a lot of places to take good photos.

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Alguns dos efeitos disponíveis

The social media revolves around Instagram, but do you know that its inspiration was lomography? The movement started in 1991 in Vienna and it’s now an art form. There’re hundreds of different cameras with a lot of cool effects and, in Porto, if you need a Lomo, you just need to go to Embaixada Lomográfica and get one suited for you. While you are in the neighbourhood you can get a beer at the bar located on the first floor and play foosball, portuguese style.


But if you brought your vintage camera and need supplies, different lens, develop your pictures, repair your camera, or even buy a new (old) one, the place is Máquinas de Outros Tempos. The guys there are very nice and super helpful, and they offer cameras ranging €5 to €2.000. Rolleiflex, Nikon, Pratika, Leica, Yashica, Polaroid, are some of the brands you can find at this place.

Vintage cameras

They also have Mikona (which happens to be a really bad word in Portuguese).